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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!


(Millennium Commitee Members)

Our MCM is our School Council which was founded in the year 2000, the Millennium year. They meet once a week on a Thursday lunchtime and discuss ways to make our school a better place and how we as a school can help other people, either in our local community or in the wider world.
We asked our MCM representatives why they wanted to be on the MCM....

Yr 6 MCM Representatives

Our Year 6 MCM representatives are Lois and Joe.

Lois: "I put a lot of effort into getting the year 6 MCM place because I am so keen to try hard to make the school a better place."

Joe: "I think I will be a good MCM representative as I will have a variety of good ideas myself and also will take other's ideas and share them."

Yr 5 MCM Representatives

Our Year 5 MCM representatives are Darcey and Oscar.

Darcey: "It's kind hard and challenging being on the MCM but good fun too. We will help to improve the school. I want the school to have monkey bars!"

Oscar: "I was really happy when I was elected to be on the MCM. It felt amazing! I am always ready to listen and I have lots of good ideas."

Yr 4 MCM Representatives

Our Year 4 MCM representatives are Brooke and Ethan.

Brooke:""I think I will be a good MCM representative as I have lots of ideas. We will help the school to make it better than it already is!"

Ethan:"I was so happy that people picked me to be on the MCM. I promise to help make the school a better place."

Yr 3 MCM Representatives

Our Year 3 MCM representatives are Hania and Jacob.

Hania: " It's fun being on the MCM and I am really keen to help make the school a better place. When people write suggestions on bees it really helps!"

Jacob: "It's fun being on the MCM and I will always make sure I listen to thers to help improve the school."

Infant Representatives

Our Infant MCM representatives are Gracie-May and Ethan.

Gracie-May: "It's good being on the MCM because I get to meet other children in the school. I desperately want the schoool to have a nice diner and will work really hard to make it happen."

Ethan: "I like being an MCM member because I get to make the school better. I am good at thinking of new ideas."